OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss decommissioning bare metal nodes in Ironic using the Ironic Python Agent. Jay and Josh, Core Reviewers for IPA, will discuss why decommissioning is important, in single and multi-tenant environments, how IPA and Ironic coordinate the decom process, and some of the pitfalls of working directly with hardware. Users expect a consistent platform when deploying their apps using the cloud -- including bare metal cloud. In order to provide that, Ironic must cleanup behind previous tenants, or prepare new hardware to ensure a clean slate for the next instance. Josh will provide an overview of how IPA works with Ironic to coordinate decommissioning in a pluggable way. Jay will talk about the difficulties of working with bare metal, and some pitfalls to avoid when implementing your hardware manager. Both Jay and Josh have months of experience running Ironic w/IPA in production for Rackspace OnMetal and want to share some of those lessons with the larger Openstack community. This talk will be jointly presented by Jay Faulkner and Josh Gachnang, core reviewers on Ironic-Python-Agent, as well as developers for Rackspace OnMetal.

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