OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Today SAP SE (formerly SAP AG) is running an OpenStack environment with several thousand virtual machines. The SAP project lead and B1 Systems will share the initial situation at SAP and what it took to integrate OpenStack with the existing environments. B1 Systems GmbH was involved in this process right from the start being responsible for design, implementation, operation and support of SAP's largest OpenStack landscape. Back in 2011 SAP SE had been using a virtualization platform which was partly automated. This environment did not scale fast enough to meet the increasing needs of SAP. In 2012 B1 Systems started the design of a cloud platform with the OpenStack Folsom release. The OpenStack environment was designed to replace the regular virtualization landscape. By using Puppet for configuration management, it was possible to provide a fully-automated and fast-growing environment to consolidate the needs of multiple customers and projects. SAP's current OpenStack landscape is based on the Icehouse release of OpenStack and encompasses nearly all available OpenStack components. In July 2014 SAP SE officially committed to OpenStack. SAP's and B1 Systems' collaboration has furthered the collaboration with the OpenStack community with regards to feature requests and bug fixes. B1 Systems is part of the OpenStack Community since 2011 and has contributed to nearly all parts of the dynamic development. Right now B1 Systems is preparing the implementation of the upcoming Juno release at SAP.

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