OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Join Ken Perkins, Developer Advocate at Rackspace and Phani Raj, Senior Software Engineer at HP Cloud as we dive into to integrating OpenStack APIs into node.js applications. Pkgcloud is a multi-provider provisioning library for node.js, with significant support for OpenStack services. In this presentation we'll explore the calling convention that is generalized across providers, as well as look at practical examples of how you can integrate pkgcloud into your applications to leverage OpenStack. Additionally, we'll explain how to contribute and extend support for custom OpenStack deployments. We'll also look at a practical example of using node.js and OpenStack from the development environment. Given the proliferation of node.js based IDEs and editors, developers are empowered to develop full-featured node.js apps using lightweight editors. One such editor that is gaining popularity is Atom from Github. Come join us as we demo a pkgcloud-based extension to Atom to make ephemeral deployment of your node.js to your preferred OpenStack vendor. Deploy your local code that you re editing in Atom to an OpenStack server, test it, and bring it down. You can do all within Atom, without leaving your favorite editor.

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