OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack deployments for public or private clouds require strategies for building production-ready networks. Today s deployments require performance, resilience, and high availability to be considered truly production-ready. In this session, we deep dive into the process of sending a data packet across an OpenStack environment through a network overlay. In a distributed architecture, network functions are applied in a single virtual hop. By applying network services right at the initiating host, the network is free from unnecessary clogging and bottlenecks by avoiding additional hops. A distributed architecture implements logical constructs that are used to build networks without a single point of failure, all while adding network functionality in a highly-scalable manner. Packets reach their destination more efficiently with the single virtual hop. After this session, the audience will understand how distributed architectures allow efficient networking with routing decisions and network services applied at the edge. Also, the audience will understand how it s easier to scale clouds when the network intelligence is distributed.

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