OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

While OpenVswitch has proven incredibly useful for environments with a need for rapidly changing networks, it has some shortcomings in more compact environments with a less robust or redundant infrastructure. In order to provide a more stable environment for our customers, we have chosen to use the ML2 plugin with Linux Bridge. We'll discuss how we were able to migrate private cloud environments from OpenVswitch using the OVS plugin to the Linux Bridge plugin under ML2 without having to redefine networks or unplug or re-IP instances. We'll demonstrate configuration file and database changes, procedures and best practices we found during the migration. Finally, we will discuss the pros/cons and capabilities of each product and make users aware of any caveats that they may expect with this particular migration. Presenters: James Denton (Openstack Network Architect - Rackspace) Kevin Stevens (Openstack Engineer - Rackspace)

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