OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Monasca is a new cloud-scale, multi-tenant, high performance, fault-tolerant OpenStack Monitoring as a Service (MONaaS) platform described at,, that is currently focused on real-time streaming metrics storage/retrieval, alarming and notifications. Development of anomaly detection is in-progress. StackTach.v3,, is a stream-based processing system for events that is being integrated with Monasca to provide a unified metrics and events processing system. Join Roland Hochmuth, HP Software Architect, Tong Li, IBM Senior Software Engineer, and Sandy Walsh, Rackspace Senior Software Developer, for an architectural deep-dive of the Monasca components, RESTful API (monasca-api), Agent (monasca-agent), Client (python-monascaclient), Horizon dashboard and the future plans for integrating with the StackTach streaming events-processing pipeline. We will review the technologies used, such as Apache Kafka, InfluxDB and Apache Storm, as well as third-party integrations, such as the excellent metrics dashboard Grafana, Our work in performance analysis will be shown. Early results of anomaly detection based on the NuPIC Cortical Learning Algorithm (CLA),, will be presented. Although Monasca is a relatively new project it is ready for deployment today and comes with a turn-key development environment based on Vagrant and Docker. We will demonstrate several key areas of the solution.

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