OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

In the openstack production environment, the service down time is sensitive to the customers. The system upgrade will be a very tough work for the operation team. In this session we will share the best practices and lesson learns about how to upgrade the openstack production environment, which was tested in the test environment with the same architecture and deployment of production environment. At the same time, we found some gaps and issues during the test which we want to address the attentions from the community to improve them. The test was conducted for the upgrade from Havana to Icehouse. If time permit, another round of testing of upgrade from Icehouse to Juno will be performed before Paris Summit. If so we will share the test result and findings as well. The topics to be covered in this session are: 1. The openstack production deployment architecture and design 2. The upgrade strategy and methodologies as well as the test methodologies. 3. The upgrade steps introductions 4. Best practicies during the upgrade 5. Lesson learns during the upgrade 6. Some known issues and gaps (Canonical, NTT)

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