OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Orange vision to become a leading operator of the internet era by Thierry Souche - Senior VP of Orange Labs Products and Services Orange strategy towards a cloudified telcos Cloud technologies: One of the main technological disruptions for the coming decade: with huge impacts on our offers and services, on our technical architectures and on our processes and organization, technologies description, maturity and adoption. Strategy headlines: Infrastructure Services platforms IT Networks Consistent and optimized design Network elements in IT, and security Use of open source components, make and buy Execution plan Cloudified telcos transformation deeply impacts Orange insights: Cloud as an opportunity to adapt our way of working, with the objective to drastically enhance our TTM and reactivity (deliver small changes more often in production): Incept in our teams Agile and DevOps methodology and mindset Adapt our processes and organizations (notably renovate relationship between Build and Run teams) Renovate our network and security architecture Skills transformation: acculturate our teams and forecast relevant trainings Rely on openstack IaaS and opensource PaaS Define and share guidelines for developing Cloud-ready applications Set up a dedicated Cell in order to accompany our applications into their deployment on the Cloud (providing notably DevOps tooling and advices) How Orange is boosting its transformation contributing to opensource communities For Orange, the best way to boost its Cloud transformation is to be an active contributor in the leading Cloud Open Source communities Orange contributes actively to Openstack, especially to the networking project Neutron Orange participates to OpenDaylight, provides use cases and contributes to define interfaces Telco Cloud transformation is a challenge which could only be fully overcome by leveraging the community power As a global telco operator, Orange shares the need to have a carrier grade Open Source Cloud infrastructure which supports not only the IT operations but also the network and service platforms An Open Source NFV orchestration platform will be a key to ensure the interoperability of multi-vendors VNF solutions To do so, Orange would like to participate actively to the initiatives which will accelerate the adoption of NFV: Openstack NFV working group OPNFV project

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