OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

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Over the last few years, Percona, in partnership with other Openstack Community members, has developed and refined several features in Percona Server to facilitate its use in cloud scenarios and, specifically, within OpenStack Trove. Since Percona Server is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, many operators (as well as end users) have benefited from these features designed to improve cloud deployments. In this talk I will cover some of these new Percona Server features that OpenStack operators can use to better manage their Trove guest instances of MySQL. These include: How to use the utility-user functionality to limit access to hosted data and help limit the liability of the operator while still allowing a certain level of access to manage the MySQL server. How to use the enhanced options modifiers to prevent end users from changing critical MySQL system variables. How to use the various options to limit the space utilized by binlog and slow query logs (max-binlog-size, max-binlog-files, max-slowlog-size, and max-slowlog-files). Share research on preventing InnoDB/XtraDB from getting into an unrecoverable state due to ENOSPC and some techniques that can be used to avoid this situation. Discuss the research being done to help limit runaway UNDO space. After this presentation, OpenStack operators will have a better understanding of the capabilities available to them in their Trove offerings when using Percona Server as their MySQL database choice.

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