OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

By now you probably have figured out how to efficiently deploy "born on the cloud" applications into public and private clouds. How about those pesky traditional Multi-tier enterprise workloads that your business still heavily depends on? Not that straightforward, right? In this session, we share the hands-on, practical experiences that we gained by implementing the end-to-end strategy for deployment and management of popular traditional Enterprise Workloads into on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid clouds. This presentation is loaded with real life examples that you can immediately apply in your organization. Specifically, we will cover the following topics: How to take advantage of the latest Heat enhancements to combine the deployment of cloud infrastructure with the deployment of a software solution using the SoftwareConfig and SoftwareDeploy resources. We illustrate how different types of Heat resources are coordinated to stand up the entire software stack in a synchronized manner. What are the best practices for annotating HOT templates with policies needed to enforce High Availability, autoscaling, and load balancing How the extended scheduler can be used to support topology-aware placement, and placement that minimizes the software license cost to your organization How to maintain one set of OpenStack golden images by installing the Heat tool chain at the deployment time rather than baking them into the image. This allows us to use the same images for both Heat and direct nova deployments. How to leverage the Heat ability to update running stacks to implement in place updates (patching) of software stack components How one set of HOT templates can be used to deploy the workloads to on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid clouds

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