OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Several datacenters were using folsom nova-network in the eBay production, with thousands VMs in service. We successfully upgraded to openstack Havana version, adopted neutron as network service instead of nova-network and replaced Linux bridge by Open vSwitch. One of the most important requirement to us was to avoid network service break for existing VM instances during nova-network to neutron migration, i.e. least downtime in the data plane. In this session, we will share our story of the seamless migration from the folsom nova-network to havana neutron in the eBay production. The work covers both control plane and data plane. The control plane part includes neutron net/subnet/port management, and SDN controller integration, while the data plane part includes tap device migration from Linux bridge to openvswitch bridge, DHCP service, security group, and Libvirt/KVM configuration update.

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