OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack relies partly on underlying proprietary storage products. However, there are open source alternatives that provide open storage and cloud architecture. openATTIC is an open project founded two years ago by a group of German storage developers aiming to provide open storage management and a software-defined storage platform. The speech introduces openATTIC and how it can be implemented as storage platform for OpenStack. openATTIC has a growing community in Germany and Europe and has been adopted by bigger organizations to manage their storage resources and to work as storage platform for cloud systems. The storage project has already been presented on the OpenStack Days in Milan and Budapest earlier this year where we received very positive feedback. Now we would like to present it a broader audience at the OpenStack Summit. The speech is not going to be very technical but the audience should have an idea of storage management and cloud systems and experience with OpenStack. We want the participants to understand the concept of an open storage platform, the significance of an open, central API and why open storage systems are crucial for cloud systems. OpenStack users will learn how an open storage platform can help them to improve their cloud project and make it more flexible.

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