OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker and more. These are the open technologies reshaping the new model for Cloud and are the source of inspiration for more change to come. Join Dave Lindquist, IBM's VP & CTO Strategy and Architecture of IBM's Cloud Technology and Todd Moore IBM's Director for Open Technologies to get the inside story on how these technologies and others are reshaping the IT industry and the model for Enterprise software development. Learn how open source software is driving interoperability amongst vendor solutions at an unparalleled velocity of innovation. See how this fuels IBM's long standing commitment to the growth and health of open source communities such as OpenStack. IBM contributes new features and function to OpenStack, but even more importantly, we improve interoperability and stability. Join us to learn where we are currently engaged, such as our substantial commitments to DefCore and RefStack, and to learn our thoughts on the future, and along the way see some of the cool demos of new product offerings IBM has built on OpenStack.

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