OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

As the OpenStack community has exploded in size, certain processes and procedures were put in place in order to allow for more effective governance and management of the myriad projects that comprise the OpenStack ecosystem. Tooling was developed around blueprint and design development, source code management, code reviews, and team communication, all with the ostensible goal of providing more consistent and transparent management of project direction. However, with the introduction of these many processes and tools came a burden to new contributors as well as a need for mentorship programs to nurture and guide individuals and organizations into being good OpenStack community citizens. This talk is a guide to navigating these processes and tools. It's designed as a tool to help new folks get introduced to the community, as well as a guide for old hats to mentor others. We will cover the following topics: The OpenStack community and governance Tools we use in the community Review and code best practices Tips and techniques for best interacting with community members Embracing the ebb and flow of corporate and individual agendas Jay will present the above guide, with Geoff Hollingworth from Ericsson providing real-world experience in how applying these recommendations can change a company's experience with the OpenStack community.

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