OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

A new organization has been formed called Open Network Function Virtualization (OP-NFV) under the Linux Foundation. This new organization seeks to create integration projects that combine upstream code from projects such as Openstack, Opendaylight and the Linux Kernel and combine them with extensive testing, custom configuration and possibly upstream code patches. These things are based on the ETSI framework and requirements. This presentaiton will first describe the organization, its motivations and purpose. It will then present several key areas that that organization can collaborate with Openstack and Open Daylight. In the case of the former, the presentation will detail modifications to Neutron and Nova that can be used to better position virtualized network function elements, and how to initially orchestrate them. The next portion of the presentation will focus on how Open Daylight can be used as an SDN controller to complete the orchestration operation, and continue to manage the NFV deployment. Finally, the presentation will demonstrate for the viewers, a running example of the aforementioned configuration as a means of showing one possible configuration that meetings the NFV requirments the OP-NFV organization has set out to satisfy. The presentation will be co-presented by myself and Chris Wright from Red Hat.

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