OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

As of the Juno release, Trove will contain all the features necessary to deploy mission critical apps. Unfortunately a number of the necessary production features (for example HA, automatic fail over, self-healing) are not available in a out of the box ready to use manner. In this code and demo heavy talk, we will walk the developer through examples of how to build up the necessary supporting infrastructure to make their Trove databases production worthy. For example, how to set up a cluster of Trove MySql instances to support high availability and self healing completely using existing public Trove functionality and standard tooling. We will also discuss how the code samples could be modified to solve specific problems unique to different environments. (Note all the code from this talk will be freely reusable and distributable). Finally, the Trove PTL will provide a roadmap for how and when features like HA, fail over, and self healing land in upstream Trove.

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