OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Openstack Swift is a very powerful object storage that is used in several of the largest object storage deployments around the globe. It ensures a very high level of data durability and can withstand epic disasters if setup in the right way. During this talk we want to give you an overview about the mechanism that are used within Swift to ensure data durability and availability, how to design your cluster using regions and zones and things you need to pay attention to, especially when enhancing an existing cluster. This talk will deal with performance related issues that operators may have to face when updating an existing Swift cluster. Such changes may require big volumes of production data to flow between nodes, which can have an impact on the cluster s performance, not to mention the guarantee that no data is lost during the operation. In order to achieve such migration while ensuring good performance to Swift users a number of parameters have to be tuned. Monitoring tools will also play a role to ensure that your cluster behaves appropriately. The talk will be concluded with an estimation of the data durability based on your Swift configuration.

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