OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Planning, engineering, and getting to done on an OpenStack private cloud project isn t simple, cheap, or risk-free. But this group presentation will help make your contemplated OpenStack adventure as simple as possible -- breaking down best-practice into manageable steps and meaningful decisions for executives, project managers, and technology architects. Working from best-practice recipes developed and tested in dozens of real-world, production-scale OpenStack deployments, we ll explain just what you need to know to: Lead OpenStack projects: getting them budgeted and launched with appropriate executive oversight and expectations Manage OpenStack projects, end-to-end, with agility and efficiency (plus flexibility when the unexpected happens). Architect OpenStack clouds (or collaborate effectively with architects): What to think about when designing a business-ready, robust cloud, and how to arbitrate design vs. bottom line conflicts. We ll also tackle the problem of OpenStack complexity from the exec, PM and technologist viewpoints -- talk about how it affects each discipline s decision-making, and offer prescriptions for avoiding communications fails and enable good synch from project start to finish. You ll leave this presentation with a tried-and-true organizational recipe for successful OpenStack cloud building, along with many practical tips for ensuring project success

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