OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Why will I never look at developer support the same way again? Because I've been on the Developer Relations Group at Rackspace, and watching and monitoring the many ways that developers ask questions. After four years of reading documentation comments on the API documents, I have some insights to share. Our support group has built a tool to listen to tagged feeds on Stack Overflow, read the jclouds mailing lists, all with the OpenStack app developer in mind. We monitor,, and for questions tagged with Rackspace, rackspace-cloud, fog, cloudfiles, jclouds, pyrax, or keystone. At Rackspace we have been supporting cross-cloud SDKs such as Apache jclouds, Node.js pkgcloud, Ruby Fog, Python Pyrax, .NET, and PHP. Let's look at the data from these many places to find out the patterns for application development. What are the most popular? Which are the most pesky? Let s find out.

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