OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

PayPal has successfully deployed an OpenStack environment over several availability zones with 300,000+ cores and petabytes of block storage. It is one of the largest OpenStack Cloud hosting ~100% Web, Mid and API workloads for PayPal production and is in operational for 3 years. One of the keys to success has been a tiered application architecture that allowed many front and mid-tier modules to be moved into the OpenStack private cloud, while back-end functions continued to reside on the non-cloud infrastructure. It provided agility and flexibility without compromising on high levels of reliability and availability. PayPal being one of the early super-users of OpenStack for building Enterprise Grade Cloud, it met mutiple milstones to run its mission crtiical production workloads along with Developer/QA/Stage/Pre-Prod. Recently, PayPal announced that they are running ~100% of production for web, mid and API on OpenStack Cloud. Come and join this session for key strategies and guiding princples that PayPal adopted to meet their goal. Main Topics to be covered: OpenStack Deployment Architecture with Multi-Cells Key Learnings in operating largest AZ with 1000s of hypervisors PayPal PaaS deployment Architecture in OpenStack Cloud Dealing with day-to-day Large Scale issues

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