OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

In addition to powering storage clouds from Rackspace, HP, and others, Swift has long been a repository for Glance images and a target for backup data. Durability, scalability, and global cluster replication in storage that is accessible by THE industry standard API for storage make Swift deployments applicable to most any cloud environment, even those without other OpenStack components. Applications that support the API can run anywhere, and still get tremendous value from OpenStack. This demo session will show many different applications in many great use cases to highlight how applicable OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack can be for any Enterprise or Service Provider. Dozens of sponsors at the Summit agree! Not a commercial or product pitch, this session aims to provide ideas on the ways that Swift can be used to modernize storage and drive more value from applications, from Enterprise Backup to File Sync & Share to Private Cloud to large data workflows and more.

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