OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015

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Bringing OpenStack to production Clouds | #openstack by Nelson Williams | May 27, 2015 Talk about OpenStack’s level of maturity continued to dominate at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. Mark Collier, chief operating officer of the OpenStack Foundation, and Lauren Sell, OpenStack Foundation vice president, joined theCUBE’s Stu Miniman at OpenStack Summit 2015 to talk about OpenStack and its growing community of users. The conversation started with the issue of maturity and how well OpenStack has entered the market. While OpenStack hasn’t completely unified itself as an integration platform, Collier did note that many companies are already using pieces of OpenStack in the real world. Sell then added that most users are fairly current with the software. Also, more users are bringing OpenStack to their production Clouds. Participation and community Talk then turned to the subject of participation. Many more people were attending the convention this year than before, and they brought their projects with them. Some even organized their own user groups and sessions. “People want choices; it’s a complex world out there. There’s no one solution for everybody,” Collier said. That’s why OpenStack is focused on an integration engine concept. The idea is to put users first and then integrate with everything. Measuring success As for the success of the OpenStack Foundation, Collier explained that it always comes down to the users. Are they showing up at the cons and talking about the technology? What projects are they working on? He also mentioned OpenStack has seen a growing footprint inside the companies it serves. The OpenStack Foundation has also seen financial success. It has discovered the best way to monetize its products has been to engage with the community and build credibility with users. It has also helped other companies find success by lowering the barriers to entry for start-ups. @theCUBE #OpenStack

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