PuppetConf 2012

In the process of creating new software and releasing it to customers, both Development/QA, and Operations play critical roles. Historically the groups have worked in isolation to achieve the joint goal of delivering new software. When software couldn't be produced quickly enough to meet customer demand, Development largely turned to Agile development practices to speed their process. CI and other dev process automation tools have helped Dev to achieve their Agile goals. This increase in output removed Dev as the bottleneck and put pressure on Ops to deliver the required infrastructure at the rate Development was producing. With the help of tools like Puppet, Ops has been able to remove themselves as the bottleneck, providing Infrastructure as a Service to meet the increased development demands. But the two solutions alone are not enough to achieve true, fluid, end to end DevOps. The challenge (and hence new bottleneck) is consistently taking the output from development, combined with the necessary system and middleware configurations and processes, and repeatedly deploying these to the infrastructure made available by Ops. Come find out how Puppet can play a role in the Dev side of DevOps. Come hear about best practices in achieving frequent deployment of quality applications. Methods and benefits of implementing development process automation.

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