PuppetConf 2012

As interns, we feel we have a unique perspective about contributing to Puppet and Facter. We'll discuss the problems you may encounter as a non-developer, and the ways you can solve these problems. We'll cover the following items in our talk: * The steps needed to get started as a contributor * Good places to start contributing * How to move forward when you inevitably run into problems * Good habits, practices, and processes to follow as a contributor * Common stumbling blocks * What to expect from Puppet Labs once you submit a pull request We will present some of our own personal stories from which we took away valuable knowledge, as well as what we have found rewarding from our work on Puppet and Facter. Even if the learning curve seems steep, we believe it is worth it to contribute to Puppet. As interns, we've had experience with how intimidating the submission process may seem from the outside. After just a few days, with no prior knowledge of Puppet at all, all three of us were able to begin contributing to the Puppet and Facter code bases. If we can do it, we think anyone can.

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