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RailsConf 2012

This presentation, by Matt Sanders, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Rails 3 and above includes a powerful instrumentation system, ActiveSupport::Notifications, which can be used to track performance and event information for all aspects of your application. Notifications are light-weight, easy to setup, and can be consumed by multiple subscribers (logs, audit trails, consolidated metrics, other parts of your application). In this session we’ll start with the basics of ActiveSupport::Notifications and work our way to powerful advanced use cases. Topics we’ll explore include: How to set up and use notifications Logging what you want from any tier of your system How to capture and aggregate performance/business data for the metrics you care about most Conditional monitoring in production: flag on and off data by system or customer to get to the root of problems more quickly Using ActiveSupport::Notifications in non-Rails applications and your own libraries

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