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RailsConf 2012

This presentation, by Piotr Sarnacki, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Rails got much more modular after 3.0 rewrite. But do you know how to use specific rails elements outside Rails? What if you would like to use ActionView with some other library (like webmachine)? Have you ever needed to render view with layouts outside of the rails stack? Or maybe you wanted to build some kind of system that fetches templates from database rather than from files? Router anyone? You know that you can use it outside rails too? In this talk I will dive into Rails internals and will show you what's there and how you can use it outside rails. Although I will focus on using those parts standalone, this knowledge will most likely help you also build your apps if you ever need something sophisticated that requires modification of regular rails behavior.

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