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RedDot Ruby Conf 2015

I would like to tell the story about Ruby Kansai and Kansai Regional Rubyist Meetups. The first part describes Ruby Kansai and myself. Ruby Kansai is one of the oldest Ruby Meetup in Japan, that is born in 2004. I am the founder of Ruby Kansai and now the chairman of Ruby Kansai. I would like to share what I have learned through the experience of organizing Ruby Kansai and what motivates me to do so. The second part is about the story of regional Ruby meetups in Kansai. Recently many people have founded Ruby meetups in Kansai. Now over 10 Ruby meetups are active in Kansai. I also founded one regional, small Ruby meetup -- Amagasaki.rb. I would like to share with everyone the differences between big meetup like Ruby Kansai where over 80 people attend and small meetup like amagasaki.rb where less than 10 people attend. Both styles of meetup have good and bad parts. The last part is the future of Ruby Kansai. As the oldest and biggest Kansai Ruby community, Ruby Kansai would like to be hub, which connects beginners and experts, local and remote Rubyists, Ruby and other languages, suits and geeks.

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