RedDot Ruby Conf 2016

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Have you ever been frustrated because you needed to do many things to get a small task done? Here are tools and techniques that can make you more creative! In this talk, I'll share with you ways to speed you up, from Ruby and Rails features, command line tools, shell scripting, browser extensions, keyboard shortcuts, to Mac apps. You are a beginner? Or have more than a decade of experience? No problem! You'll learn at least one technique you don't know yet that you can start using right away! Speaker's Bio Yuki was raised in Tokyo and has worked for Pivotal Labs in New York since 2013. He moved back to Tokyo in August 2015 as one of the founding members of Pivotal Labs Tokyo. He is a Ruby committer, the creator of the did_you_mean gem, a maintainer of the kaminari gem, and a frequent contributor to many open source projects including Rails.

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