RedDot Ruby Conf 2017

Video recording and production done by Engineers.SG

One of the most fun yet confusing things about Ruby is its object model. It's something that can seem highly cryptic to beginners, and perhaps not even that well understood by experienced Rubyists. Not too far into my Ruby journey, I began to get a taste of metaprogramming, but even as I learnt and grew more familiar with common idioms, I always had a nagging feeling that my underlying mental model didn't quite cut it, so I decided to iron it out. The more I read, the more intrigued I became, until I ended up diving into the CRuby source itself! Here's the story of what I learnt about Ruby's object model, in a way that's both digestible for beginner/intermediates and also insightful for the more experienced. It will also be the story of my journey from feeling like a newbie lacking confidence in my ability to understand something as complex as CRuby, to taking the plunge and learning how to fearlessly read the source! Speaker's Bio Jun Qi is currently a final year student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. She was introduced to the world of Ruby, Rails, and web development slightly more than a year ago, and has enjoyed digging deeper and playing around with various web technologies since.

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