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Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013

This presentation, by Frederic Jean, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In the beginning was the static resource, and it was good. It was easy to reason about. It was easy to host, once you got over the hurdle of getting an internet connection and installing a web server. It just wasn't very... dynamic. So we started a journey to build increasingly dynamic web sites. This leads to increasingly complex infrastructure used to host what are basically content-only web sites. Middleman allows us to return to simpler days by building data driven sites. It provides elements that Ruby on Rails developers are familiar and comfortable with such as layouts, templates and partials. Amazon S3 gives us a great, highly available and very cost effective way to host the resulting site. This talk will focus on how to use Middleman to build a data driven site and publish it to S3.

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