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Ruby Conference 2010

This talk draws on the experiences of the speakers over the last four years of working with Ruby in India, starting with a Ruby based product startup in 2006, two years spent working on offshore Ruby projects at ThoughtWorks India followed by nearly a year building and running a boutique Ruby consultancy in Bangalore. The talk will cover * A first hand (subjective) description of the Ruby scene in India over the last five years * Where things are today - the good, the bad and the ugly - in terms of the community, the ecosystem, the job market and business opportunities * The realities of running a Ruby shop in India and what this means for people who want to have Ruby work done in India * A set of guidelines for distributed Ruby projects that make things simpler and more transparent for both the client and the developer * Job opportunities in India, and why it's starting to make sense to move to India if you're an independent contractor

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