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Ruby Conference 2010

This presentation, by Yoko Harada, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Have you ever imagined using RubyGems from Clojure, Jython or other JVM languages? It might sound bizarre, but JRuby enables that. The magic is JRuby’s RedBridge. RedBridge is a nickname of embedding API included in JRuby, and is for using Ruby from Java. Using Ruby from Java is another feature of JRuby as well as using Java from Ruby. With JRuby’s RedBridge, RubyGems becomes one of the choices to build a Java application. This means JVM languages can also choose RubyGems to create an application. For example, DataMapper from Clojure or Cucumber from Jython are possible combinations. Even Rails can work with non-Ruby languages. JRuby’s RedBridge has unleashed RubyGems to all JVM languages. Besides, you can do this easily since RedBridge provides simple, colorful and JRuby friendly API. Why don’t you enjoy new flavor of blending RubyGems and JVM languages?

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