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Ruby Conference 2010

This presentation, by Peter Jackson, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Spatial programming is the field that treats distance, space, and size as first-order programming concepts. Using spatial programming techniques, you can answer questions that are much more difficult -- or impossible -- to answer using standard object-relational (SQL) or document-oriented (NOSQL) techniques. With the prolific rise of location based applications, the Ruby programmer cannot afford to be without a spatial toolkit. This lecture-format discussion will cover the standard Ruby spatial stack, including GeoRuby and spatial_adapter. We will also examine the use of Spatial DBMS systems such as PostGIS, MySQL Spatial, and Oracle Spatial. We will also cover non-geographical spatial applications, and some emerging platforms that make it easier to build geospatial applications. After this session, the attendee will have a basic understanding of spatial programming technique, knowledge of the available spatial tools, and enough guidance to get started with spatial programming on their own.

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