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Ruby Conference 2011

This presentation, by Thomas Enebo, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Minecraft is the indy gaming sensation which appears to be growing about 1 million users every six months. Minecraft presents a blocky (voxel) world in which you and rip down and build up the world as you see fit. People make buildings, fight monsters, farm, and dig expansive tunnels down to the bottom of the world. A deceptively simple and addictive game. One Minecraft feature of interest to programmers is that users can run their own multiplayer servers with the freedom to apply modding frameworks that tweak the rules of the game. The Minecraft makers are happy with the extensive Minecraft modding community. Purugin ( is a Ruby-based framework written on top of the CraftBukkit mod framework which allows programmers to easily extend Minecraft. Want your own teleportation system? Want to control the weather? Want special physics for particular type of block? Purugin is there to make Minecraft be the game you want it to be... This talk will give a brief demo of Minecraft and then dig into the Purugin system. You will learn how to make your first plugin and then learn the boundaries of where minecraft modding can go. Guaranteed fun for the whole Ruby family...

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