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Ruby Conference 2012

This presentation, by Martin Boßlet, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Last year it was an idea, more of it in our heads than on github. This year, krypt is reality, it's growing quickly and its goal is to become the successor of the OpenSSL extension. Learn about why we need a successor at all, about the evils of OpenSSL certificate validation and how krypt will improve all this, running without restrictions on any Ruby platform. I'd like to contribute to putting an end to "Ruby is slow" by showing you how krypt's ASN.1/DER parser runs even faster than native OpenSSL C code or native Java crypto libraries. You'll learn about how you can use krypt today and how you can extend it to suit your needs by plugging in different "providers". Even if you are not particularly interested in cryptography, you might still be interested in how krypt takes testing to a new level, setting out to become one of the best-tested cryptography libraries out there. You probably know about RSpec, code coverage tools for Ruby, C and Java code, and Valgrind for sorting out memory issues. But krypt takes it one step further by making random testing an integral part of its test suite. Fuzzers are not for bad guys only - we all can benefit from random testing, with any application that accepts external input. Let me show you how krypt has spawned FuzzBert, a simple and extensible random testing framework that allows you to set up an effective random testing suite in no time. Finally, in the attempt to run as much of krypt as possible in plain Ruby, let me show you binyo, which allows dealing effectively with binary IO and low-level byte manipulation in particular, in all Rubies. If you implement protocols on the bit & byte level, need to do bit-level, exact-width operations on raw bytes, then binyo is what you have been looking for - speed up your code without having to deal with any of the implications that are inherent to Strings.

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