Ruby Conf Australia 2013

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When you talk to most people about Rails performance the conversation usually turns to concurrency. How can my Rails app handle 60 simultanious requests per second? How do I webscale? Although the topic of concurrency is important, we won't be focusing on that during this talk. We want to focus on end user speed. For every extra second your application takes to load your conversion rates will drop by an average of 7%. While most people start tweaking their backends to squeeze every extra ms in response time, more often than not (80-90%) of the actual time spent loading your application is on the front end and the network stack. This is where you should start. We will cover a range of techniques and provide benchmarks along the way to show how much performance you can expect from each step along the way. We'll also cover some backend performance tuning as well. Here's some of the topics we'll cover: How to accurately benchmark performance Asyncronously loading assets Reducing requests per page Rails http streaming (chunked responses) Basic caching What is SPDY - and how to use it What CDN is right for your app? Server location and why it matters

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