Ruby Conf Australia 2014

Video recording and production done by RubyConf AU provides every Rubyist with an amazing service: all the libraries in the Ruby world. As amazing as that is, installing gems can be a time-consuming and even error-prone process. (Just ask the Travis guys.) In this talk, you'll learn about the recent dramatic changes in Rubygems and Bundler to improve speed and reliability by rewriting the Rubygems client/server architecture. I'll show how the new system caches more information, makes fewer requests, and takes less time to install gems. Finally, I'll cover how the changes allow worldwide mirrors of, improving things for Rubyists around the globe. Why this talk? This talk exists primarily as a "State of the Gem Ecosystem Address", to tell everyone how things are going, what we've been working on, and why they should care. It also tries to point out the benefits that every Rubyist gets from the Ruby ecosystem, while gently letting them know that those things don't happen for free. Hopefully, by providing that information, we can ask people to contribute time and effort to improving things for everyone and sound like we are leading by example, rather than demanding that someone step up to solve the problems for us, already.

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