Ruby Conf Australia 2014

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Not too long ago, a small group of developers inside Envato embarked on a mission: take an idea, and turn it into something real. To accomplish this goal, they didn't just have to build the product, but change the way they were writing and shipping code as well. In the end, the way they were delivering was radically different to anything they'd ever done before. The result? Mission accomplished. This talk explores the core tenets of the team's delivery process, and explores the reasons behind the decisions that were made. It mixes anecdotes with practical examples, showing how changing the way you think can really help get things done. Some of the tenets in the talk include: Level up your CI to continuous deployment Time is valued above all Staying lean with YAGNI Pay the refactor cost upfront Testing is best done in production Do things that don't scale Living on the bleeding edge The only way to move is forward After listening to this talk, you will know how easy it is to introduce these principles into your Rails app. You'll be armed with ideas of what you can take home to your team, in order to deliver better and faster than before.

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