RubyConf India 2013

"Most ruby programmers use git in their daily use. I would like to show that git is beyond just commit and pull/push. I want to show how simple, the basic architecture of git is, so that people appreciate and understand it better. My favorite reference on git is I have a hard copy of the book. In fact, after getting inspired from the book, I conducted a training session on git internally in my company using these slides( In this session we will see how we can quickly customize git in Ruby and see the insides of Git. I will showcase commands like: git open Shows the content of any git object. We will use this to walk through a chain of commits, their trees and blob objects git rollback Reverts your last commit git make subtree Does everything required to do a subtree merge in your git repo The whole presentation will be in terminal and we will explore the .git folder and see what the relevance, of a particular file/folder is.

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