RubyConf Portugal 2014

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Pun intended! Ruby is an awesome language but can learn a lot from Go. In this talk, I profile and compare both languages and discuss what Ruby can learn from Go. While Ruby makes us rethink Object Oriented Programming, Go makes us rethink the programming paradigm itself! This talk covers some aspects of Go and why things are the way they are (and sometime should be). - Syntax sugar and importance of static data types. - No classes but interfaces and how it re-programs us. - No exceptions but only errors. - CSP and channels - an awesome way to communicate. - Concurrency and goroutines. This is not an RTFM talk about Go. I plan analyse not what is there in Go but WHY it's there. For example, why do we get a random key-pair every time we iterate a Hash in Go and why Ruby should not have OrderedHash! This is just one example among the many in the talk. This talk aims to make the open the eyes of the listener to some ideas that can help make Ruby even more awesome.

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