RubyConf Portugal 2015

Video recording and production done by RubyConf Portugal

Everybody seems to be into sexy consumer apps or small business SAAS these days. We are not quite. In the last two years we built numerous applications for the industry, from production management in printeries to warehousing/accounting for one of the biggest cargo handlers at Frankfurt Airport. In this talk I want to give an overview over the technologies we used, starting with Rails and ending in mobile techs like Ember, Cordova or even native Swift. I present a report from the battle field, where we experienced many problems first-hand and had to make sure our precious tools hold up to the dirty production world of warehouses full of barcodes and ink-fumed printing shops. What we learned however is applicable to every Rails programmer out there, especially when a multitude of (mobile) devices come into play. Also, I want to show you how awesome and indeed sexy it is to work for the industry, while they are starting their fourth revolution, which is software and UI/UX driven and thus shaped by us, the software writers.

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