Rubyfuza 2013

Ruby is a language, just a tool for a developer to build software. To use this tool effectively, the programmer must be familiar with object orientated programming. Object orientation is a paradigm, not a tool. It is a very specific world view based on underlying theories. Embracing this world view is a serious choice. It means that the developer is obliged to think in a very specific way. Nowadays, many Ruby developers also use other tools like JavaScript and CoffeeScript. These languages are not from the same world as Ruby. They are from another paradigm - functional programming. Functional programming is a different world view, based on different underlying theories. Trying to use a tool from one world when your head is wired for the other world just results in is a code base that is messy and very expensive. Since we are using these functional tools, we really do need to understand this world. So, what does this functional world look like? How are functional minds wired? In this talk, I will take you on a whirlwind tour of functional programming concepts. You will see lots of code snippets in lots of different languages. My objective is simple - a tour guide view that will point out places of interest that you can explore at your leisure. In the end, I hope we will make smaller messes.

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