Ruby Kaigi 2016

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Easy and fast analysis of data is an uphill task for any Rubyist today. Ruby has been mostly restricted to web development and scripting, until now. In this talk we will have a look at daru, a gem from the Ruby Science Foundation specifically developed for simplifying data analysis tasks for Rubyists. You will learn how you can use daru for analyzing large data sets and get a tour of daru being coupled with other Ruby tools like pry, iruby and nyaplot for interactive and standalone data analysis and plotting for gaining quick insights into your data — all with a few lines of Ruby code. Sameer Deshmukh, @v0dro Sameer is a student and a contributor to the Ruby Science Foundation, where he helps build scientific computation tools in Ruby. He is currently maintaining daru, a library for data analysis and manipulation in Ruby. He enjoys spending spare time with friends, books and his bass guitar.

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