Ruby Kaigi 2016

Video Recording and Production by Ruby Kaigi

Amir Rajan (creator of the #1 iOS Game: A Dark Room), will speak about his journey to becoming a game developer using Ruby. He'll explore the source code for his games, showing how elegance in code becomes elegance on screen. Amir Rajan, @amirrajan Amir Rajan is a pretty decent dev and is constantly trying to improve in his craft. He’s a jack of all trades, being comfortable with a number of platforms and languages. Last but certainly not least, Amir is the creator of A Dark Room iOS. This RPG conquered the world and took the #1 spot in the App Store and placed in the top #10 paid apps across 70 countries. It has been downloaded over 2.5 millions times and is a staple game in the App Store with over 25,000 five star reviews.

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