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Ruby|Web Conference 2010

This presentation, by Pat Maddox, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Rails became a wild success because it took so many problems that web developers had and wiped them away. After programming Rails for five years, I've definitely run into some of its limitations and have written some pretty interesting code to work around them. So when I came across Seaside and it appeared to wipe away some of the problems I had with Rails, I was intrigued. Seaside is a web framework unlike any other you've seen before. It's continuations-based, written in Smalltalk, and uses hideous URLs by default. What it lacks in approachability it makes up for with expressiveness, simplicity, and developer tools that will make you giddy. In this talk I will demonstrate how Seaside's unique approach to web application development can make your life easier and more fun. I will show off some of the areas that Seaside is particularly strong in, and show how easily Rails can integrate with Seaside so you can take advantage of the best that each of these amazing frameworks has to offer.

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