Sunny Conf 2010

Hashrocket began as a small four person shop aiming to build products and get rich doing the same. Something happened along the way and they wound up with a small principled consultancy that works hard and plays harder. Listen in as Les and Jim share how we keep the culture, quality, and cohesive bond that makes Rocketeers love working for Hashrocket. Les and Jim will join us at SunnyConf and will cover hiring, communications, methodology, environment, culture, and community: Hiring: getting the right people is critical to building an awesome team Communications: openeness and transparency are essential to keeping focus and attitude Methodology: being Agile takes discipline and practice. It requires more than desire and reading a book Environment: being in an envrionment that is pleasant and enjoyable enhances productivity Culture: a shared set of values builds and keeps the team bonded Community: you are not isolated, participation and giving back are core values of the large Ruby/Rails and OS community

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