Sunny Conf 2010

With over 400 million members, Facebook is the world's largest social network. In addition to the social networking aspect, Facebook frequently releases opens ups their APIs and releases plugins that enable developers to socialize their own products. So, there's a good chance that--at some point throughout your professional software career--a client will come to you with an idea for a Facebook application. Or maybe you're a hobbyist and you've been just dying to build your first Facebook application, but were confused about what to expect or where to start. Worry no more, because this talk is just for you. In this session, David will be joining us at SunnyConf to talk about building highly successful Facebook applications using Rails. This talk isn't theory, no siree. David will be describing the practical tactics for not just one, but two real-life systems: PollCast and Iran Voice. The talk will also discuss the ramifications of the latest game-changing announcements from Facebook's F8 Conference and how these changes are affecting Facebook development.

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