Velocity Conference Web Performance and Operations 2012

Facebook faces huge infrastructure challenges every day. It has global scale, serving more than 800 million users. It has a highly interconnected service, in which rendering a single page often involves hundreds of machines examining tens of thousands of pieces of data from dozens of different servers. And it does all this in a matter of milliseconds, day in and day out. What's more, the Facebook product team iterates very quickly, and sometimes takes big leaps forward with products like Timeline — which means Facebook's infrastructure needs to be highly flexible as well. In this talk, Jay Parikh — who leads the Facebook infrastructure team — will share key learnings from the company's efforts to meet these challenges. Jay will delve into topics including the infra development process for products like Timeline, the innovative approach Facebook has taken to its data centers and servers, and the unique tools and team structures Facebook employs as it builds for a billion users and beyond. Jay Parikh Facebook Jay Parikh is the VP of Infrastructure Engineering at Facebook, where he oversees infrastructure engineering and operations. Jay is responsible for leading software development and operations efforts focused on scaling Facebook's infrastructure in order to support the company's millions of users, developers and partners worldwide. Prior to Facebook, Jay was the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Ning, where he oversaw the global engineering and operations teams. While there, the teams he led created and scaled the company's social networking platform from 50,000 social networks to over 1.5 million social networks. Before Ning, Jay was the Vice President of Engineering at Akamai Technologies where he helped build the world's largest and most globally distributed computing platform. Over his nine years at Akamai, he led the engineering teams responsible for the distributed delivery and application acceleration services that are used today by thousands of Akamai customers. Jay also serves as a technology advisor to several early-stage companies and has filed several U.S. patents.

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