Velocity Conference Web Performance and Operations 2012

In this talk, we will talk about prerendering, a feature that Chrome uses to start loading a web page before the user actually navigates to it to make it feel instant. We will share statistics on how much speed up websites around the world have experienced by using this feature. Then we'll dig deep into how we use prerendering to make navigations from Chrome Omnibox faster. Specifically we will discuss how we build a model to predict user navigations, and how much time are we able to save our users using prerendering in Omnibox. Arvind Jain Google Arvind is a Director of Engineering at Google and works on making Google and the Internet fast. He also helped establish and chairs the W3C's Web Performance Working Group. Dominic Hamon Google Dominic works at Google as a Senior Software Engineer and is focused on making the Internet faster. His work over the past year has been on the Chrome browser, specifically focused on prerendering pages and finding ways to get what the user wants before they know they want it. Before working at Google, Dominic spent ten years in the game development industry, working at companies such as Electronic Arts in Vancouver BC, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London, and Lucasfilm in both Singapore and the Bay Area.

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