Velocity Conference 2013 Santa Clara, California

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Compared to web sites just a few years ago today's modern web applications are incredibly complex. Code is now running in distributed environments that we have very little visibility in to. Rich web applications are pushing more and more JavaScript to the edges of the internet: in just the last two years the amount of JavaScript on the top 100 websites has more than doubled (according to Souders' HTTPArchive)! And this JS is getting considerably more complex as developers take advantage of modern desktop browsers. Similarly, the mobile revolution is in full swing and most popular sites are now forced to maintain both a native mobile app, written in Objective C for iOS and Java for Android, as well as a mobile variant of their normal website—specifically designed for mobile browsers. And of course, the backend applications have grown in complexity too: what might have previously been just a simple PHP web app now has evolved in to a complex web of services, each written in languages and frameworks specially designed for the task at hand. It's not uncommon for a single website to be backed by internal and external services written in Ruby, Java, Scala, Node, and more. All of this leads to a very difficult problem: how can we properly measure the performance and functionality of all this code? How do we know the effects on end-users of misbehaving downstream web services? How do we monitor and alert on all this stuff while making sure it's truly actionable? This short 15 minute keynote will dive right in to the challenge of code running on many tiers and platforms and share some of the personal experiences we've had at New Relic on these very questions as well as some of the lessons learned from our customers. While there will be some vendor-specific stuff, I intend to keep it fairly light, similar to my 2011 and 2012 vendor keynotes for Neustar. I know this is a developer conference and people tend to tune out if it's a boring product pitch :) This keynote is sponsored by New Relic

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